Gala evening (Part 2)


written by

Lawrence Nyathi

I think that I might in that hot air balloon.

And hide from worldly worries

On the dark side of the moon.

There’s but one thing I need

before I float into the blue.

I need a sky companion

and I want you to be you.

We’ll fly beyond storm, clouds and we’ll watch it from above.

I’ll cover you in rainbows

as we feel each other’s love.

You’ll shower the stars at midnight in our special place.

I’ll dry in comet’s tail

and kiss your beaming face.

Dreamy drifting panorama, changing everyday.

Every night your loving smile will be my milky way.

The moon will wane before us,

sailing there in heaven’s height

for nothing else can challenge our love’s everlasting light.

Venus shining on us, glowing soft at our devotion.

Our daily drifting alliance in love’s celestial ocean,

I’ll write you lover’s poetry and you will be my muse.

Orion and Andromeda will oversee our cruse.

We’ll sleep with clouds as pillows,

maybe steal an angel’s wings.

And should we tire of drifting

and the stars floating by.

We’ll hook into meteor and soar across the sky.

Will you consent to be my mate

on our celestial ship?

I’m ready, heart all packed with love

to last us for the trip.

Take my hand and step aboard

we’re heading for the sun.

We’re flying till we fins tha place

where our two souls are one.

(Not edited)

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written by Rigobert Mukombozi – Grade 12

A word of thanksgiving to the country that sustains me

South Africa, last in the world, but first in Africa. South Africa last in the world, but first in my heart. An African country with an Afro-European “theme”. I owe my gratitude to you.

You have opened my eyes and sheltered me from many dangers of this new world which many African children face on a daily basis. you grant me basic provisions that even my own country could not.

If I never accepted your call to safety then I would never had acquired the life knowledge I now have and the promising future which unfolded ahead of me; you architecture inspires me and your education has shaped me.

God’s plans are always perfect, so was it for me living here, a perfect experience which allowed me to: grow, learn, discover, experiment and understand what I could have never gotten to do in my country.

South Africa let me remind you of the eternal memories which you have given me, memories which will never be erased off my mind:

  • Arriving in the summer of November 2004 from Joburg Central to Berea on Tudhope street and welcomed in a house with Rebecca Malope’s picture and Deborah Fraser’s gospel music.
  • Being introduced to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela at Bertram’s Junior Elementary School in 2005.
  • Walking in Voortrekkerhoogte High School on 15 January 2010.
  • Witnessing the FIFA World Cup as Simpiwe Tshabalala scored the first goal on 7 June 2010.
  • Experiencing victory on the side of the Springboks in July 2011’s Rugby World Cup.
  • Having to hold my faith in Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ as humanity said the world was going to end on 12 December 2012.
  • Enjoying virility on school grounds as I represented the rugby team in 2013.
  • Surviving unprecedented death multiple times throughout 2014.
  • And of course as I’m going to be matriculated in 2015.

How am I suppose to forget you, South Africa? A lifetime of joy and prosperity can never be forgotten. Everyday I carry a feeling of newlines and a bright hope for the future. You have given me a new leash on life as I walk down on the path to success. Although some cannot see it, your humble voice whisper it to me.

The year 2014 marked at ten-year milestone for my life in South Africa. This was a decade of transition and transformation.

From childhood to adulthood, weaknesses to strengths, blindness to pure clarity, hatred to love and from narrow to broad mindedness.

South Africa last in the world but first in heart. I will always be grateful for your diplomatic sufficiency that protects me and fertile soil which nourishes me.

Your water always refreshes me. A piece of you lives in me, as you recognise my footsteps when I appear on the surface.

Nkosi sikelela iAfrika


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Anti-drug outreach launched by the community and South African Military Health Service

On 15 May 2015 the local community and the South African Military Health Service launched an anti-drug outreach. The slogan for the event was: “Save our children – save our community.”

Chaplain Mpetsheni did the opening prayer after a word of welcome by the principle. Entertainment was delivered by the choir,  gumboot dancers, drum-atixs and actors of VTH. Two dancers, Jade and Khuli, performed a jaw dropping dance item.

Sr Leew explained the purpose of the day.

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Mrs Apies, from Social Development, was the motivational speaker.

The message of the day was clear: Taking hands to a safer community for generations to come.


The grade 8 camp took place on 24 – 26 April 2015 at Grootvlei Sports Academy. Those who attended the camp (and their teachers) enjoyed the atmosphere, food and activities a lot.

Since the camp the grade 8’s do not use any donkey language anymore.

Give me a coca-cola! Brrrrrrrrrr!

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Washington and New York City

Written by Lawrence Letseka

Voortrekkerhoogte’s Lawrence Letseka and Kheto Tshipala were two of the delegates who represented the South African team on the grand stage of International Debating in the U.S.A. The young debaters were accompanied by their debate coaches from the Gauteng winning team, Mr. Collen Masopoga of Voortrekkerhoogte High School and Mrs. Yvonne Reddy of Crawford College Pretoria. The team of 12 learners along with their two educators embarked on a journey that would change the lives of these future leaders. The program is run and funded by Education Africa and it all begins at provincial level debating. The host and partner schools in each province compete against other partnering schools, battle it out with the different countries assigned to each team. Our journey began when we were partnered with Crawford College at the South African Model United Nations (SAMUN) provincials in Johannesburg. Since the day we met the bond and love we shared for each other was absolutely immense and we gave ourselves the name The Dream Team.

The Dream Team won the provincial debate and braced itself for a new challenge: The National Debate Conference in Cape Town. The National conference, held from 16 to 20 October 2014, hosted the top nine teams from each province in the country and only one team could go to the U.S.A. to represent South Africa in the grand stage. The debates were tight and all the teams delivered their best and only their best. The Deputy Minister of Education announced the winning team at a prize-giving ceremony held on Robben Island. There the teams spent the night as “prisoners” for an educational experience of how prisons were in the Apartheid era. The Dream Team from Gauteng, consisting of two learners and an educator each from Crawford College Pretoria and Voortrekkerhoogte High School as well as one learner from each of the remaining eight provinces were announced as the winning team of the SAMUN nationals. This team would be representing South Africa at the Washington Area Model United Nations Conference in March 2015.

Prior to our departure to New York City from OR Tambo International Airport, we had a three-day training weekend at a hotel in Randburg for the debates that awaited us. We departed from OR Tambo International Airport on Sunday 15 March for Heathrow Airport in London to catch our connecting flight to New York. We landed in London and without wasting any time, took our connecting flight within an hour of arrival and off we went. The flight that lasted 18 hours tired our bodies and on arrival at the Wellington Hotel in New York City, sleep was our main objective. The following day after a warm, filling American breakfast, we took a tour of the city. The tour was long and we were patient and enjoyed everything at the same time. The City of Dreams, as New York is nicknamed is in actual fact the City that Never Sleeps as others also call it, because it never settles down or becomes quiet.

Our stay in New York was a wonderful experience. We also had the opportunity to visit the South African Mission and the United Nations headquarters. The visit to The City that Never Sleeps was without a doubt a great and memorable one that none of us will ever forget. We departed for Washington DC using the Subway Train Service and arrived in Washington DC four hours later. The city’s white sky, bright as the heavens immediately stole our attention and from that moment on, we knew we had entered the capital city. The drive to our hotel was equivalent to a tour drive as we passed several national tourist sites such as the George Washington Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and the very famous Presidential White House. We arrived at the Omni Shore Hotel where the main floor was over populated by more than 1300 students who also arrived to attend the 2015 WAMUN Conference. The visit to Washington DC was without a doubt one of the highlights of our visit and in honesty no money or any form of payment can ever overshadow the experience we had. The Sunday prior to our return, we toured the great memorial sites of the giant icons of the American soil such as the likes of former President Lincoln and the late freedom activist Martin Luther King.

On Wednesday 25 March, the trip we would never forget came to an end. Our ultimate achievement was winning the Best Small delegation out of 1300 pupils. It is an award that made us realize how strong and confident we are. We went to the USA with the objective to win, and to prove to the Americans that Africans in fact have the capability changing the world if given the opportunity, and obviously we also went there to have FUN! We achieved all three of our goals and with that said: When one achieves one’s goal with a valuable and respectable mentality, benefits will come along the way. We had the privilege to be invited for interviews on various radio stations and eNews Channel Africa (eNCA). Furthermore articles were written on the UNIC Pretoria website about our victory.

We are thankful to both our debate coaches Mr. Collen Masopoga and Mrs. Yvonne Reddy, the Education Africa team Mrs. Linda Gould, Miss Tsholofelo Tema, and Mr. Sudeshin Reddy for their hard work to ensure that we were 101% ready. We also came to experience that sleep is not an option when one is on the road to success.

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geskryf deur Uzile Msongeana


Ek is nou ʼn multi-miljoenêr en ek is baie bly, want ek het baie planne hoe ek my familie se lewe gaan verbeter. Die eerste ding wat ek met die geld sal doen, is om omtrent die helfte van die geld vir my pa te gee, want hy is die hoof van ons familie. Hy weet wat hy daarmee moet doen.

Die ander helfte van die geld sal ek in die bank sit, want ek is bang ek sal dit verloor. Ek sal miskien die geld later gebruik om my niggies en neefs universiteit toe te stuur. Met die geld wat ek het, sal ek vir die kinders in my familie klere koop, want ek weet dit is iets wat hulle nodig het. Ek sal ook minstens R50 000 vir liefdadigheid gee, want dit is belangrik om aan jou eie gemeenskap terug te gee.

My pa bou nou ʼn huis vir my ouma en ek is seker die geld sal baie help om ook kwaliteit materiaal en produkte te koop, want haar huis is baie klein en sy bly saam met haar kinders. Ek weet my ouma het ook die geld nodig.

Dit is net ʼn paar idees wat ek het. Die hoofgedagte is om vir my en my familie ʼn beter lewe te gee, want my familie is die belangrikste ding in my lewe en ek is baie lief vir hulle. Ek weet as my familie gelukkig is, dan is ek ook gelukkig.


Geskryf deur Anoniem


Woensdag 24 Desember 2007 was ʼn mooi dag, maar vreemd. ʼn Dag vol lag en liefde. Die dag, na ʼn motorongeluk, het my lewe verander. Die een mens wat my kon laat lag, is binne sekondes van my weggevat.

Die dag voor Kersfees het my pa familie genooi vir middagete. Ek het vroeg opgestaan om saam met my broer te gaan vleis koop. Die slaghuis was net tien minute van die huis af. Toe ons by die verkeerslig staan, kom ʼn kar van agter en ry in ons vas. Alles het net so vinnig gebeur. Ek was vir vyf minute bewusteloos en toe ek wakker word, was die polisie, ambulans en my ouers daar.

Ons was nog in die kar en my broer was bewusteloos. Hy het dood gelyk en hy het nie beweeg nie. Ek kon ook nie beweeg nie, want ek kon nie my lyf voel nie. My oë was oop en ek kon rondkyk. Hulle het ons uit die kar gekry; my broer was nog bewusteloos. Hulle het ons hospitaal toe geneem. Ek was tot die volgende oggend in die ongevalle afdeling. Toe my ouers vir my kom kuier, vertel hulle my dat my broer dood is.

Ek was so ongelukkig. My wêreld het net daar geëindig. Ek het nie net my broer verloor nie. Ek het my beste vriend en held ook verloor. Van daardie dag af, lewe ek met ʼn hartseer hart en mis ek hom elke dag.

Beste werk van Graad 11 – Afrikaans

Ons het besluit om van die beste opstelle van die Graad 11’s te plaas. Hou die spasie dop!

Sport and Cultural activities



Everybody knows that VTH does not only harbour hard-working academics. Hard-working sportsmen and women are also walking the grounds and that is one of the reasons why VTH is THE BEST OF THE BEST.

Winter sports have kicked off already. Rugby, netball, soccer and hockey started a few weeks ago and most teams have played their first league matches.

Netball trials were held on 7 March 2015. There were so many excellent players that the selectors had a difficult time selecting the teams. The result was that the girls had to return the next Saturday for finals. At last the best teams were selected and we have high expectations for them.

Hockey trials were also held on 7 March 2015. A professional hockey player coached the players from 09:00 until 15:00. Although very tired all the girls were pleased to have learned so many new hockey skills.

The rugby players have already demonstrated their strong points and immediately showed their talents by practising very hard to play a few games. They are looking GOOD! As the u/16 team won the league in 2014, everybody is expecting high scores and many wins by the same boys. These boys are very dedicated and they are all aspiring to be selected for the team.

The soccer teams are also preparing for the season by playing one match after the other. While the first and second teams both came second in their respective leagues, the u/17’s won their league in 2014. According to one of the coaches, Mr Linda Skosana, the players regard Rosina Sedibane as their biggest rival. Mr Skosana is of the opinion that the u/17 team will win the league again this year.

Several cultural activities are also proceeding. The gumboot dancers, drum-attics choir and other dancers are very busy. Lawrence and Kheto visited New York where they participated in debating on a very high level. Feedback on their progress will be given at a later stage.

We are looking forward to the Mr and Ms VTH competition which is coming up within the next 15 days.

All learners are requested to support our sports and cultural activities, because we are THE HOOGTE!


Me Haseena Yacoob vereer vir dertig jaar diens aan Afrikaans as leerkrag

Haseena Yacoob en Afrikaans is al 30 jaar kop in een mus.

Me. Haseena Yacoob het enkele weke gelede dank en gelukwense van die ATKV ontvang vir haar bydrae en daadwerklike insette tot die onderrig van Afrikaans die afgelope 30 jaar. Sy was vir vyf-en-twintig jaar aan Laudium High verbonde en is die afgelope vyf jaar Departementshoof Afrikaans by Hoërskool Voortrekkerhoogte.

Op die foto wens Sakkie Kotze van die ATKV Centurion haar geluk. By haar is van haar kollegas by Hoërskool Voortrekkerhoogte wat trots haar prestasie met haar deel.